Stomo Clinic team

About us

We are part of Stomo Clinic - a dental clinic in Wroclaw. Therefore, we not only undertake orthodontic treatment of your malocclusion, but we are able to make a spectacular metamorphosis of your smile. Our team is made up of specialists who systematically update their knowledge of orthodontics regarding treatment techniques and materials used to manufacture braces, including overlays. This ensures that patients coming under our care receive solutions that are in line with the latest medical knowledge, the most effective and at the same time the safest. 

We have no place for outdated and often ineffective methods. In turn, regular participation in the training of our staff directly translates into shorter treatment times for patients and a lower risk of complications.

What sets us apart?

  • We take a conscientious and honest approach to the patient. When a patient comes to us, we take a comprehensive look at the state of their bite and the alignment of their teeth, after which we honestly inform them whether a particular defect requires treatment at this stage. We do not "pressure" patients into getting braces when it is not necessary, or when the patient's desired results can be achieved more cheaply and easily through cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as veneer application.
  • At the beginning of cooperation, we inform the patient about the background of the malocclusion. Some of the defects could be avoided or minimized by changing one's habits. The patient, using our recommendations, can gradually get rid of the improper habits that led to the defect. As a result, the treatment is faster and more efficient, and the results achieved are permanent - undisturbed by the patients' old habits.
  • Values such as transparency are also important to us - that is why we inform the patient about the cost of treatment without starting it - which allows us to avoid unpleasant situations in the future.
  • We give you the opportunity to work with not one, but several people from the Orthodontic team.

Super specialist! He doesn't push braces on the patient, although that's the easiest way. This is our 3rd visit in several years and only now it was time for braces. But the most important thing is the innovative and holistic approach to treatment.

Raphael's mom