Is it worth getting orthodontic treatment again? Discover the benefits and choose the best solution for you!

Reasons for repeat orthodontic treatment

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Today we are going to focus on one of the most important aspects of our smile - repeat orthodontic treatment. Have you ever wondered if it's worth taking on this challenge once again? If so, this article was created especially for you! We have prepared a comprehensive guide for you to understand why repeat orthodontic treatment can be the key to a healthy, beautiful smile and greater self-confidence. 

Neglected condition after initial treatment

Initial orthodontic treatment can be extremely effective and impactful, but much depends on our cooperation afterwards. Failure to use retainers properly or to follow our orthodontist's recommendations can lead to the return of malocclusion. This can happen especially in younger patients, who are often unaware of the need to take care of the effects of treatment in the long term. That's why it's so important to consistently follow the specialist's recommendations and wear retainers for a certain period of time after orthodontic treatment is completed. It is also important, as in general dentistry, to come in for follow-up appointments. After all, the last phase of orthodontic treatment, is retention treatment - this is when we no longer have braces or attachments on our teeth, but have a wire pasted on the side of the tongue, or plates that we wear at night. 

Post-treatment behavior - maintaining effects treatment

Maintaining the effects of orthodontic treatment requires commitment and proper care of our teeth. Regular follow-up visits to the orthodontist and dentist help monitor the condition of our smile and avoid possible problems. Remember that our teeth are subject to the natural aging process, so maintaining the effects of treatment requires long-term care and attention.

Causes of recurrent malocclusion

In some cases, despite careful orthodontic treatment, malocclusion can recur due to genetic factors or natural processes associated with oral development, tooth wear, or advancing age. In such situations, repeat orthodontic treatment may be necessary to prevent deterioration and maintain a healthy smile in the long run.

Benefits of repeat orthodontic treatment

Repeat orthodontic treatment has many benefits that are worth considering:

Improving chewing and speech function

With proper tooth alignment, the chewing process becomes more efficient, which has a positive impact on our digestion and oral health. In addition, improving diction and articulation can greatly improve the quality of our communication, both in daily life and professionally.

Improving the aesthetics of the smile

Repeated orthodontic treatment allows us to achieve an even more aesthetic and harmonious smile, which significantly affects our self-esteem and self-confidence. A healthy and beautiful smile is the key to building a positive image and inspiring positive emotions in other people.

Effects on oral and whole body health

Straight and well-aligned teeth make it easier to maintain proper oral hygiene, which reduces the risk of gum disease, tooth decay and other serious dental problems. In turn, a healthy mouth has a positive impact on the overall health of the body, which translates into our well-being.

Increase self-confidence

A beautiful smile after repeated orthodontic treatment affects our self-confidence and self-acceptance. We feel more comfortable in the company of others, we smile in public without hesitation, and the accompanying positive reactions from others boost our self-esteem.

Therefore, if you have doubts about your smile and want a healthy, beautiful smile and more confidence, repeat orthodontic treatment may be the best solution for you!

The most common questions about the reasons for repeat orthodontic treatment:

  • Is repeat orthodontic treatment effective? 
  • Yes - it is effective, but in this case at Stomo Clinic we strongly recommend the use of Aligners rather than bonded braces due to the recommendations of the overlay treatment itself
  • How long does it take for re-treatment?
    The length of orthodontic re-treatment, is ( like the original one), depends on the alignment of the teeth, but also on the accompanying dysfunctions.
  • Is re-treatment painful?
  • Technology as well as orthodontic treatment systems are constantly evolving. The most comfortable orthodontic treatment is provided by orthodontic caps - aligners
  • Will retainers be necessary after re-treatment?
  • It all depends on the decision of the attending doctor, in the case of treatment with aligners, it is possible that the retention appliance will remain the Overlay - Aligner. This time, instead of wearing it 22h a day, we will wear it only at night. However, this issue is in the decision of the attending physician
  • What are the costs of repeat orthodontic treatment?
  • Re-treatment is the same as primary orthodontic treatment, requiring the same steps to bring teeth into proper alignment. Take a look at the price list on our website list
  • Does health insurance cover the cost of repeat treatment?
  • As of the time of this posting ( August 2023), adult orthodontic treatment is not financially covered by the National Health Fund ( NHF). You will need to ask your insurer whether orthodontic treatment is included in the package you have purchased.
  • Are there age restrictions for repeat treatment
  • Orthodontic treatment has no age limits both lower and upper. All patients are welcome to consult.
  • The full price list can be found on our website - SEE ALSO