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Overlay treatment is a fast, convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to straight teeth! Consultation with our specialists will allow us to create a 3D scan of your teeth, based on which we will develop an individualized orthodontic treatment plan using the overlay method. Thanks to this, even before the therapy begins, you will see how your crooked bite turns into the smile of your dreams!



The best testimony to satisfaction with overlay treatment at Stomo Clinic are the reviews of our patients on FamousLekarz.co.uk.

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overlay treatment
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Overlay treatment is the most modern method in orthodontic treatment to achieve straight teeth and a correct bite in a short period of time. Compared with traditional braces, overlay braces bring more satisfying results results, and the price of overlay treatment is known at the beginning of therapy. In addition, orthodontic overlays are more comfortable and hygienic to use than classic braces, so overlay treatment has a reputation for being painless and completely comfortable.

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Orthodontic treatment of children
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Orthodontic treatment in children is much faster and more efficient than in the case of adult treatment, That's why even with minor bite abnormalities, it's worth implementing orthodontic treatment from an early age. The effects of treatment are permanent, and the period of stabilization (retention) lasts only a few years, not a lifetime as in the case of orthodontic treatment of adults. Although in orthodontics children usually reach for removable braces, overlay treatment can also be used in the youngest patients .

Advantages of orthodontic treatment with orthodontic overlays



Orthodontic overlays are transparent and nearly invisible, making them a discreet alternative to traditional braces.



Overlays are usually more comfortable than braces because they don't have metal parts that can cause irritation in the mouth.



The caps can be easily removed, making it easy to clean teeth thoroughly and maintain oral health during orthodontic treatment.


No dietary restrictions

Since the overlays are removed before eating, there is no need for the dietary restrictions that are often required with braces treatment.


Visible progress

Patients can often see progress in bite correction early in treatment, which adds motivation to follow our recommendations


Fewer follow-up visits

Treatment with overlays usually requires fewer follow-up visits to the orthodontist, which saves time.



Each cap is specially designed and custom-made for a specific patient, ensuring a custom fit and effective treatment.



No elements that when not controlled can cause harm to the patient.


Price invariability

During orthodontic treatment with overlays at Stomo Clinic, the patient is aware of the cost of treatment. The price is fixed, no matter what orthodontic techniques we use, even micro-implants are included in the price of treatment.


Stomo Clinic Orthodontic Team

Stomo Clinic orthodontic team is several people, in case of any inconvenience during the treatment, we are also to help in uncomfortable situations. Daily. Therefore, in planning your treatment, also consider how often he or she is on duty, one orthodontist or the whole orthodontic team.

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We are able to treat any malocclusion



Orthodontic treatment varies depending on the choice of braces. Read about the different stages of the journey for straight teeth and a beautiful smile in the case of clear overlay braces and treatment with orthodontic treatment of children with Schwarz plates.

orthodontic treatment wroclaw consultation

Treatment at Stomo Clinic begins with a consultation. This is a no-obligation meeting, during which we present to the patient treatment options at our office and the types of braces available. We also inform the patient about the background of his malocclusion and present the him a preliminary treatment plan. At this stage, it is the patient who decides whether he wants to work with us and in which system: overlay treatment, non-ligature braces or, in the case of children, removable braces, i.e. Schwarz plates.

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Determination of the treatment plan is preceded by a thorough diagnostics. We familiarize ourselves with the patient's skeletal system (2D and 3D X-rays) and, if necessary, we plan complementary orthodontic treatments. In overlay treatment the most important, and most interesting moment for patients, is the digital visualization of the course of treatment. The patient not only learns how long the treatment will last, but has the opportunity to trace how gradually his teeth change position.

orthodontic treatment wroclaw active treatment 1 phase
Assembly of components
Start of orthodontic treatment

The first phase of active treatment is the most absorbing for the patient. In this phase with overlay treatment overlays are replaced every 7-10 days, depending on the response of the skeletal system. When treating children, the frequency of visits is determined on an ongoing basis by the doctor.

orthodontic treatment wroclaw active treatment 2 phase
Active part of
orthodontic treatment

The second phase of treatment is based on activation visits. In overlay treatment, this involves checking the progress of the treatment, issuing more overlays, and checking the attachments - composite points on the teeth that are responsible for moving them.

orthodontic treatment wroclaw active treatment stabilization

The last stage of orthodontic treatment is the stabilization of the achieved tooth condition. The patient receives a retention splint for independent wearing at home (usually at night, while sleeping) or has a permanently installed retention appliance.


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